Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why Blog?

Well, this is something I need to address right at the outset. Why did I suddenly choose to direct my opinions, ideas, thoughts and various other expressions through this medium?Why now when the blogosphere has existed for so long?
I dont have a good answer now but will come back to this when I think of something meaningful.
In the course of one's life, there is a seemingly perpetual and inevitable generation of thoughts, ideas, opinions and imaginations in the mind. In a way, it is quite natural and there is nothing remarkable about it. Usually, they are not particularly creative , stimulating, intelligent, insightful or wise or for that matter useful. In fact, more often than not, it is largely a preoccupation of your mind that comes in the way of other more productive work. So, we are resigned to accept its omnipresence. When it occupies a significant fraction of one's wakeful, semi-wakeful , semi-asleep time and everything in-between (classification becomes important if you are have insomnia like I do) , it makes some sense to collect it together and give it a semblance of progression and structure. I plan to blog about such perfunctory thoughts and ideas and I believe that would automatically give it the structure it requires. So, that's part of the reason. Only part because I am not restricting myself to just that. Actually, I am going to post about anything and everything that I fancy. It can be about cooking idlis as it can about exact solutions to Einstein's Equations or annoying Hollywood movies. Of course, since they all originate from the same source, it is only natural that some pattern would evolve eventually. More so because I tend to have distinct tastes and strong opinions. But that is only incidental, and is not related to any of my purposes (not listed too many, have I?) to blog.

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