Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dilinger Escape Plan

So, these guys and headlining a US tour accompanied by a bunch of opening acts that play an equally unusual, experimental, genre-defying Metal/Metalcore. I haven't heard any of these other relatively-unknown bands but this is what Internet sources had to say about them. In fact, until I got to hear about this upcoming event in New York, I didnt bother to find out about Dilinger themselves.
What then was the reason for me to suddenly give their music a try? The explanantion for this goes a few weeks back to that unforgettable Sunday when I experienced the first live show in New York (also the first in this country)and what a way it was to begin with that ungodly, devastating, skull-pounding trio at the forefront of the NYDM scene, the veterans Suffocation and Immolation opened by a growing outfit Skinless. Now, I did enjoy that evening in some weird way but not being a big fan of any of these bands (and American Death Metal in general) the combined intensity of these monster bands was a tad too overwhelming for my unsuspecting self (what the hell did i expect with NYDM in an indoor arena ?). Nonetheless, Suffocation ruled in their own right!

Somewhat disappointed, I now want to go in for something that I want to really appreciate an enjoy. Yes, I booked tickets for Iron Maiden concert a couple of hours after they were available. But that surreal night is about 4 months from now and before that there really arent many bands that I can get too excited about. Too bad, Celtic Frost concluded their US tour a month before I arrived and I somehow managed to miss a Rush concert amidst the initial confusion and chaos of my stay. And so when I was informed about this Sunday's event, it got me interested because DEP has been mentioned to me in different contexts and when I heard that they were into math rock kind of stuff, I grew all the more curious. I am always interested in listening to new bands especially those that are unique and innovative. Unfortunately, despite all that, there are only a handful of bands that I really enjoy while there happens to be plenty I love to hate.

Anyway, to make a long story short, today being the last day of my semester and no pressing deadlines ahead, I decided to download Calculating Infinity off the very resourceful, convenient and legal Ruckus . How did it turn out? First impression is good. Very good. First, these guys are clearly Metal and there cannot be two opinions on that. It is something like Strapping Young Lad meets Cephalic Carnage. Not quite as heavy as SYL but they score highly on the virtuosity department. Everything about this is loaded with technical prowess - the tempo changes, the stop/start dynamics, the incredibly creative drumwork . There are plently time changes and quite dramatic in their occurence and execution. The variations are pronounced and unpredicatble but never do the songs reduce to a directionless jam session. And don't forget the balls-out sections where one is subjected to solid,powerful slabs of riffs. I can hear some Meshuggah influence as well but this is certainly not some overlong repetitive snorefest. There is so much going on in each song that it takes several listens to fully follow the musical direction.
If my opinions stay this way , it basically means that I would definitely like to watch these guys blast away this Sunday. I should start checking out the other bands lined up for the night . If they hapen to be half as talented as these guys are, there is every chance I'll have a great time this weekend. Besides, it is tempting that the admission fee is just 15 bucks. Seems like BB Kings is the most expensive venue in New York.

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